Sponge silicone rubber


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The sponge, silicone rubber is available in variety of densities, sizes and thicknesses. It keeps most of the features of the silicone rubber, but adds better elastic, compression and physical stability under high temperatures. Often used as gasket, seal for pipelines, places where high deformation is present of the sealing face, dust isolation, vibration absorbents, isolation and other.

  • Closed cell
  • Extremely low water absorption (<1%)
  • Excellent Ozone and UV resistance
  • Offered in densities ranging from 200 kg/m3 (very soft) to 530 kg/m3 (Firm)
  • Available in white, riox and dark grey as standard
  • Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures: -60°C to 230°C
  • Manufactured in a range of thicknesses from 0.8mm to 12.5mm in rolls, up to 35mm in sheets