Soft gaskets cutting

Company “Tivex” Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in production of soft gaskets. A wide range of gasket sealing, rubber sheets, silicone and sponge rubber, graphite, PTFE and many other specialized sheets like Mica give us opportunity to propose best solution to every problem, temperature, pressure or fluid. Hi tech driven machines and experienced operators keep in mind for the perfect cut, high quality sealing and smooth edges regardless of the form, size and type of the sealing gasket.
To improve the lifetime of the gasket, when high pressure and temperatures are present with special machines we could propose mounting eyelets on the inner or other ring of the gasket, or full cover with metal (double jacked gaskets ).

In addition based on the specific needs and usage we could propose production of nonstandard size sheet gaskets more than 1500mm in diameter.

Cutted soft gaskets