Semi-metallic sealings

When very high pressure and temperatures above 350°C are present, Spiral wound gaskets are preferred then the soft ones. The basic construction of such a gasket is a spiral made from stateliness steel strip and graphite/PTFE and filler. Inner and outer rigs could be present based on type of flanges.
Based on the different types of this flanges they could be:

  • For tongue/groove – most of the time is only spiral: TIV-TG01
  • For flat and raised face – most of time with inner and outer ring: TIV-RF02
  • For flange male/female – most of time it has only outer (centering) ring: TIV-OR03 or only inner ring TIV-SR04
  • non-standard – ellipse or other shape

More information and types you can find here

Company “Tivex” Ltd. has possibility and machines to produce not only standard but also special as per client’s specification. For standard thickness of sealing is taken b = 4,5mm but it can also be 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 6.4mm and 7.2mm.

Main fillers are graphite and PTFE based on the fluid, working temperature and pressure. When chemically aggressive fluid is present and working temperature not more then 250°C usually PTFE is the right choice for filler. When high pressure and temperature is present – graphite.

The Stainless steel strip and inner ring keep the seal strong, if shock temperatures are present, and the outer ring (most of the times from carbon steel) helps for better placement and seal the gasket on flange face.

Spiral Wound Gaskets