Ring Joint type gaskets

Ring Joint type gaskets [RTJ] are useful when high temperature and pressure is available usually this takes place in refineries and petrochemical industries. Special for this type of sealings is the clean surface – both for flanges and the gasket. Any scratches or damage are not permitted when mounting this seals. In most cases the main material of the flange and the material of the seal are similar but the hardness of the gasket is less then the flanges. This keeps the flanges from deformation when assembly take place.

Standard types are made by: ASME B16.20 (DIN EN 12560-5) and AMSE/ANSI B 16.47 and the shape could be oval or octagonal.

  • high tightness
  • chemical, mechanical, thermal resistance depending of the materials
  • very good handling during transport, installation and dismantling
  • smooth and quality finish of the surface
  • different types and identification numbers
  • best for vacuum, high temperatures and pressure.