Reinforced silicone


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Special Silicone reinforced sheets are available in different coatings and fabric, glass and polyester inserts. Some of the special features are: flame retardant (FR), low smoke/toxicity (LCH), high temperature 270°C (THT) or general purpose (GP). Our silicone fabric sheeting is part of our silicone rubber sheeting product range.

Based on the needs different combinations could be achieved. Standard usage is car seats, heat systems, sleeves and compensators, reinforced gaskets for high pressure, vibration sleeves and many others.

  • Standard thickness production between 0,3mm up to 4mm
  • Standard width 1000mm
  • Length of the rolls up to 50 meters.
  • Possible fillers for: Flame Retardant (FR) and Low Smoke Low Toxicity (LCH)
  • Reinforcement with fabric, glass and polyesters
  • Strong construction when vibration and deformation resistance is needed.

Special heat systems, sealing and gaskets, membranes, pads, compensators, pipeline connections, sleeves and other.