Recovering Semi-metallic gaskets


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The manufacturing and service team of “Tivex” Ltd. offers the possibility to restore the sealing faces of Kamprofile gaskets when possible. Often during transport, installation procedure, or improper operation this sealing suffer damages of the sealing face which prevents it from proper working. In this and other cases we propose solution of repair of the sealing when this is possible and reasonable as a price. Most of the cases only the soft material is damaged and the expensive base metal is in good shape. When sizes are big and it is much more easy to remove the the old soft material, to restore the channels and to replace the sealing coating. We always inspect the gasket for deformation and its quality before proposing such a service.

  • Economical solution and express repair service
  • Re-using of the same sealing
  • Use of quality materials
  • Lower cost compared to whole gasket when big dimentions are used