Recoating of rollers and wheels


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When operation takes place for different rollers, wheels and shafts their rubber protective cover wears due to heavy work.
Most common coatings are rubber, polyurethane or soft sponge rubber.

Company “Tivex” Ltd. offers the opportunity for complete setup for this parts, from the mechanical to the coating part, based on client’s wishes and it`s requirements. Various acid and oil-resistant rubber with different hardness is available, as well as high quality polyurethane with a hardness of ShoreA 95+-5. Sponge rubber with different particle size and density is also available.

  • Removal of the old coating and apply a new one
  • Production for brake wheels for different mechanisums
  • Wide range of harndess and type of rubber
  • Recovery of metal parts / necks / shafts

Rubber coatings

Polyurethane coatings