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Virgin P.T.F.E is very best solution when high temperatures and chemical resistance is needed. This technical plastic is very flexible, it has low friction coefficient, stable under high working temperatures and non flammable. It is chemically attached only by some alkali metals ( molten or in solution) and some rare fluoropolymers at high temperature and pressure.

We propose to your attention P.T.F.E. sheets and rods, pipes available on stock. Standard sizes for sheets are 1000x1000mm; 1200x1200mm with thicknesses from 1mm to 5 mm. Rods with diameter from 20mm up to 300mm with standard lengths 1000mm.

You can always send us inquiry for availability and stock here.

Main parameters

Operating temperature:

-200°C up to +220-240°C


Subject to machining


~ 2,1 – 2,2 gr/cm3



1000 mm

Абсорбация на вода


– %



1000х1000 mm; 1200х1200 mm; 1500х1500 mm


Seals and gaskets, bearings, pipe and fitting lining, pumps, rollers, vessels, nozzles, expansion joints, bellows, hoses, mixer and various spare parts.

– absorbs slightly less moisture
– higher modulus
– better wear resistance
– better short term heat resistance

– better ductility (due to higher toughness)
– better long term heat resistance
– better impact resistance in low temperatures
– better surface quality
– better creep resistance
– better UV-resistance (depends on modification)
– lower cost

High grade modified PTFE / expanded or bi-axial oriented /

It has all the advantages of the virgin PTFE, modified PTFE has better performance when high pressure is present. It has better expansion characteristics and needs less torque to tighten a seal. Almost no fluid goes through the flange sealing. It is avaiable in sheets with standard sizes of 1500x1500mm and thicknesses from 2mm to 5mm. It is also available in different sizes of self adhesive strips.

PTFE is also available with different fillers and their percentage.

It has better lubrication and reduce wear and friction. It could be combined with other fillers such as glass or carbon fiber.

Provides greater strength at deformation and highly enhances life by shock or pressure, keeping the basic advantages of the PTFE.

It provides greater resistance to pressure, wear, friction and better thermal conductivity. Negative effects could be reduced chemical resistance and if high concentration of bronze – oxidation. Usually used for ship bushings, and it is possible to add also molybdenum to reduce frictional drag.

The most commonly used filler. Makes it more resistant to wear or friction, suitable for higher pressures and does not significantly deteriorate the chemical resistance of the material. It becomes highly abrasive for materials it has contact. Often used in sealings, valves, bushings and other threaded connections.