Pilotpack 7099

Suitable for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries


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Pilotpack 7099 is manufactured with high tensile strength, special acrylic fibers impregnated with PTFE (teflon). The packaging is applicable to the food industry, ensuring longer service life, even in abrasive environments. Has approval for drinking water on WRAS no. 0409510.

Low Parameters. Suitable for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Rotating applications :
15 m/s
Temperature range:
-100 up to 260 °C
Valve applications:
Temperature range:
-100 up to 260 °C
Max pressure:
100 bar
Chemical Compatibilities:
For the pH range 1-13, the packing is chemically inert and non-toxic.
Standard square size from 3мmm up to 25mm are available.
Beldam Crossley