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ABRESIST fused cast basalt – properties

ABRESIST fused cast basalt has proven effective for decades as mineral-based wear protection in thousands of applications. ABRESIST fused cast basalt is used as wear protection for components which are mainly subject to abrasion and where operating temperatures do not exceed 350 °C. Its excellent combination of strength and economy makes ABRESIST fused cast basalt the material of choice especially for the wear resistance of lining large surfaces.

ABRESIST fused cast basalt – delivery options
For wear protection in industrial plants, we produce precisely dimensioned fused cast basalt components – sheets and pipe cylinders – in thicknesses ranging from 20 mm to 80 mm. Pipe cylinders and pipe segments with diameters ranging from 50 mm to 500 mm are used, and the possibilities for wear protection by lining with tailor-made molded components are also unlimited. The material is installed by Kalenborn technicians using cement mortar or special adhesives (KALFIX), either in situ at customer locations the world over or in our factories. In the latter case, we supply finished, wear-protected components.

From vulcanite to wear protection with fused cast basalt
Basalt is a volcanic rock with a particularly dense and even mineral structure. Its legendary hardness makes it the perfect material for use in our mineral-based wear protection products, which are used all over the world under the brand name ABRESIST fused cast basalt. To produce our wear protection products, the raw material is crushed, smelted at 1250 °C and cast as sheets or cylinders. More than 90 years of experience have gone into the development of our production processes, which require careful temperature management to convert the natural basalt into a wear protection material with reliable properties. The smelting and tempering process compresses the mineral into a radial symmetrical structure which ensures excellent resistance to pressure and abrasion (Mohs 8). In addition, the wear protection material is also corrosion-resistant and its smooth surface offers excellent anti-friction properties, e.g. for use in bunkers, silos and hoppers.