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KALMETALL are hard overlay welded plates. As a producer of this material Kalenborn can modify its fillers and proportions in order to control the properties of the hardfacing, precisely adjusting it to meet the needs of the application. The high quality plates produced by Kalenborn are characterized by excellent wear resistance and impact strength.

Features and Benefits

  • standard base thickness 6,8 or 10mm
  • thickness of the welded layer from 5 to 200mm
  • reaching hardness of 64HRC
  • standard plate sizes 900x900mm and 1900x3900mm
  • special shapes and forms could be produced based on the needs
  • self supporting structures /base material is for construction straight, the welded layers – wear resistance/
  • when welded it is possible to produce complex shapes with high precision and weight of 15 tones, 4 meters in diameter and 14 meters length.

Usage: self supporting or re welding of different parts of ball mills, screw conveners, industrial fan`s cases, separators, mixers, bunker plates, pipeline elements, sieves and many others.


KALCAST hard castings with with a high chromium or nickel content in combination with a specific carbon content and in various alloys which precisely predetermine the balance of impact strength and wear resistance. We also offer mangalloy materials (Hadfield steels) mainly for impact loads. The maximum operating temperature is 350 °C.


KALINOX Slide Promotion stainless steel linings are particularly valuable when there are simultaneous abrasion and clogging problems. They are the material of choice when slide promoting.


KALEN linings fail to provide enough wear protection. ,KALINOX is available in sheets with a standard thickness of 4 mm. Our international team of technicians is on hand to ensure they are installed professionally.

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