Maintenance and services


Address: 8005 Burgas, Bulgaria, str. “Yanko Komitov” 16E jk Slaveykov
Phone: 056/ 88 08 83
Fax: 056/ 88 08 83

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The service team of “Tivex” Ltd. supports and repairs various types of pumps, compressors and blowers. Full maintenance and cleaning of all connection parts, pipes and shells, sealing replacement, spare parts and specific details are part of the services we could provide.

After analysis and defecation we could really be sure what are the possibilities and costs for the repair of the specific mechanism. Often repaired components achieve factory parameters and work lifetime, close to new product.

Service: replacement of spare parts and consumables / filters, oil, belts, pulleys and other / monitoring for proper operation of the overall facility.

  • Cleaning and analysis of the state of electrical motors and mechanisums
  • Replacment of consumables and diagnostics
  • Repair, manufacture and replacement of spare parts and seals
  • Installation, discmounting and setting in place