Light suction of food


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Perfect solution for transport in food industries. It has light construction and it is engineered to be used in medium load production. It is flexible, with smooth wall on the inner side, and corrugated on the outside. It is resistant to many chemical and also suitable for suction of different types of gases and waste dust.

Transparent with polyester reinforcement
Temperature range:
-40°C + 80°C /+40°F +176°F
Ether based PU wall , food grade, with antishock rigid PVC spiral. Smooth inside, corrugated outside. Light, extremely resistant to abrasion and flexion, this hose features high mechanical properties. Resistant to many chemicals.
Foodgrade according to FDA Reg. CFR 21 -Item 177.2600 (acquous and fatty food) and to EU Regulation 10/2011, (classes A,B,C,D2- for further details see the Information Sheet).