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Consulting services: specification and installation of flange sealings.

Every production system uses some kind of sealing materials. There is no Industry where it is not necessary to replace the sealings over a period of time due to its work lifetime or major repair stop. Often the wrong selection or lack of control over the seals not only leads to serious and expensive stops of whole mechanisms but it could lead even the loss of human life.
Our specialists make sure that all important data and information should be present in client`s hands when decision takes place over project, production and mounting of the sealings.Our extensive experience and resources allow us to test our solutions in high tech laboratories. Wide range of materials and correct reading of its parameters are important and we can help with that. Often our partners organize additional trainings for the usage of sealings, its material, construction and mounting. With the help of our specialists, your equipment and mechanisms will be safe, reliable and effective. Quality products, rich experience and high-tech production machines are instruments that help your production.

Test of technical parameters for sealing materials

The parameters of the sealing materials are important for the flange connections. European regulations relative to DIN EN 13555 specifies the characteristics and qualities for work in accordance with DIN EN 1591-1. Test are made to monitor the quality include shrinkage and relaxation of the materials, resistance at temperatures and pressures above normal, losses and many others. When quality is taken into account the purity of the material has big role, and then sealing material should be tested for the production of the seals. After checking the parameters of the chosen material next step is to comply with the tolerances and size of the seals. Our partners have high-tech equipment (AMTEC GmbH) to determine the exact operating parameters in according to DIN 28090 / EN 13555 / Ta Luft or others.

Analysis of parameters of various types of rubbers, their qualities and suitability for use in extreme environments is also available and take place for responsible measuring devices and systems working with hazardous chemicals.

Изследване на техническите параметри на уплътнителни материали

Projects and solutions for abrasion resistant linings and coatings

Проекти и предложения за абразивоустойчиви покрития и облицовки

When optimization of the lifetime of your equipment is needed, we can help you with that!
Any form of wear requires individual solution and analyzing the type of abrasion and operating parameters. An example ot this is in the manufacture of cyclones and pneumatic conveyors, the speed and the angle of attack of the feeder raw material plaes an important role, together with the particle size. Having this is a start for choosing the right material or combination of materials suitable for lining the system. We and our partners strive to provide solutions economically viable to achieve smooth operation with limited downtime for repair or replacement stops. These solutions not only provide the necessary working hours but also automatic monitoring of the level of wear of the lining. Proper design, selection of geometry, protective materials, their installation and maintenance are critical for optimizing stay for replacement and repair.
Company “Tivex” Ltd. together with our partners provides a comprehensive package of assignment to produce finished parts ready for installation. Various services and material appliance in sight are also available for the specific needs of the client.

Taking measurements on sight and production per model or samples

Often the details for specific element are important when offer and production occurs. This requires proper specification of the problem and right approach to its solution. We company “Tivex” Ltd. provides services such as taking of sample sizes from working details or received ones. When there is no sketch, drawing or the equipment has taken many changes due to its repair stops, we often propose a vision for improvement and opportunity to resolve the problem. This includes the element of experience, selection of the material and know-how.Possibility of producing details of various metals, technical plastics or other soft materials is only a part of our proposed range products. For more information – please contact our specialits. 

Снемане размери на място и изработка по модели и мострени образци