Dry PTFE Spray

Food grade, premium performance, invisible dry PTFE film lubricant.


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ROCOL® DRY PTFE Spray is an invisible, multi- purpose, non-toxic PTFE spray for use as an anti- stick agent for chutes and slides. It is particularly suitable for applications operating in Food, Pharmaceutical or other clean industries where ‘wet’ lubricants cannot be tolerated.

ROCOL DRY PTFE Spray also provides a light, long life, totally dry, lubricating film for applications such as guides, pins, chutes, slides etc.

  • ROCOL DRY PTFE Spray has metal detectable plastic components (aerosol caps and actuators) capable of detection by most metal detection equipment.
  • Excellent temperature resistance -200°C to +270°C.
  • ROCOL DRY PTFE Spray is a clean, dry, colourless, non-toxic film containing industry leading levels of active ingredient.
  • The high percentage of micronised PTFE offers excellent chemical resistance that lubricates even in adverse conditions.
  • Insoluble in water and solvents.
  • Light film – does not easily transfer.
  • Does not contain silicone.
  • Blue DETEX spray nozzle for easy identification as a foodsafe product.
  • DRY PTFE Spray is approved for use in both hot and cold potable (drinking) water.
  • Pack size 400ml

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme – Approved Product – Approval Number: 1307536

  • Rolls Royce Specification – R-R OMAT 4/67
  • ROCOL DRY PTFE Spray does not contain: mineral hydrocarbons, animal derived materials, nut oils or genetically modified ingredients.
  • ROCOL DRY PTFE Spray is manufactured from only FDA listed ingredients: FDA Group 21 CFR 178.3570
  • ROCOL DRY PTFE Spray is NSF registered: NSF H1 registered – 123703; ISO 21469 certified.
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme – Approved Product – Approval Number: 1307536.