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Hardening compounds used as a filler, lining or as sprayed material

Our hardening compounds combine excellent wear protection properties with simplicity of use. They have a hard mineral base. Our wearing compounds are available with a variety of adhesive agents, depending on the particular application. A particular advantage of all our hardening and wearing compounds is their flexibility of use in abrasion protection. Even repairs and linings with complex geometry can be carried out using a simple tool without the need for joints. It is even possible to work on them overhead. Depending on requirements, the thickness of the coat can be adjusted, and it cures in just 24 hours.

KALCRET Hard Compound

KALCRET Hard Compound is the name of our cement-bonded product range. The hardening compound contains extremely hard materials such as bauxite and aluminum oxide, so that KALCRET Hard Compound is as resistant to wear as fused cast basalt. During the production process, we add micro and nanocomponents to ensure a high degree of density and close the pores of the cement element. KALCRET Hard Compound products are available for abrasion protection applications with temperatures up to 400 °C or 1200 °C

Delivery options:
KALCRET Hard Compound is available in containers up to 24 kg and can be used as a filler on reinforcements or as a pourable compound for formwork. For lining large surfaces quickly, KALCRET-S Hard Compound is the product of choice. It can be sprayed on using our own spraying equipment. Depending on the abrasion protection application, additional fiber components can be mixed in to increase its structural solidity. KALCRET Hard Compound is available in sacks or alternatively can be supplied as finished molded components.

KALPOXY Hard Compound

KALPOXY Hard Compound is a two-component system with extremely high wear resistance for the jointless lining of components that are subject to high levels of abrasion at moderate temperatures. The epoxy-bonded hardening and wearing compound is ideal for repairs because of its ease of use and it can be applied without reinforcement.

Delivery options:
KALPOXY Hard Compound is available in 5 kg containers holding resin, hard compound and two components of curing agent, which should be diluted. It should be stored in dry, frost-free conditions and used within 12 months.