Chemical Resistant coatings


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Here you can find information about the different types chemical resistant coatings, it`s parameters and usage. Based on the specific needs, fluid, and level of abrasion, we present to your attention several possibilities:

EDLON PFA is used in mid range of chemical abrasion and high level of corrosion. It is thermally stable up to 260C but it`s working temperature is up to 150C / based on the chemical factors/. The standard thickness is up to 1.5mm and it is done according to DIN EN 14879-1. The biggest dimentions of the item which could be coated are 7 х 5 х 5 meters or 9 х 2.5 х 2.5 meters.

It has been FDA Certified to be used in food and pharmaceutical industry.

Abrasion-Resistant PFA combine tripple effect – abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and anti-slip coating. The standard thickness is up to 1.5mm. The product is non flammable and can be used as well in low and high temperatures. Type PFA Ultra+ assures that the coating is done between 200um and 2mm, and assures best bond between the base and coating materials.

ETFE Ultra+ is economical solution with thickness between 200um and 2mm. It is normally used in vaccuum or pure places. Easy to clean and gives non stick surfice coating. It is also resistant to large number of chemicals. It has been FDA Certified to be used in food and pharmaceutical industry.

ETFEnova is coating, specially bounded to the base material. It is durable and highly resistant to abrasive chemicals and temperatures. Its finished is surface is very smooth and thickness could be up to 3mm.

ETFE is a perfect solution when mechanical abrasion is present. It is highly recommend  for its electrical insulation properties and it is indestructible in presence of wide range of chemicals. Non flammable at high temperatures.

ICS-ETFE is used for coating of stainless steel pipes and when danger of fire is present. It has low weight ratio, UV resistance and is very durable. It is recommend for wide range of solutions such as: pipes, connections, reactors, vessels, inspection holes, extractors and many others.  

TIC(Tank inside coating) – The modern tanks should provide long and secure lifecycle. This type of coating is specially developed for best protection of the inside of tanks from different types of chemicals and it gives couple of times better live than the standard coatings. The coating is done with special metrology for all inputs and outputs of the tank. It is even on every side of the tank without any cracks and joints in between. It is done non flammable and it is resistant even to radiation.

E-CTFE has one of the best chemical resistance to most of bases acids and solvents. It has low condution under variety of temperatures and frequencies. Very well suited for presence of radiation. Used in sepatarors, valves, springs, filters, bolts, flanges, membranes, pumps, reactors, pipes, tanks, sensors, heat exchangers and many other.

PTFE is widely used and known with its good properties and usage in contact with food and drinking water. The material variates for its properties and types such as EFP and PFA and it is sintered in different temperature ranges between 220 and 400 degrees C. The maximum size of the part that can be coated is 7 х 5 х 5 meters and 9 х 2.5 х 2.5 meters. Often used for rollers, containers, screws, scrapers and blades, guides and conveyor parts, stirrers and firing parts of machines in food industry.